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About Us

The story of the creation of the products is certainly quite typical - the product arises as a result of necessity itself. That's how "Mazo laču putra" was born - a healthy, organic alternative to recorded porridges that can be bought in supermarkets.

Big fan of porridge - Oliver - was born in 2014. It was thanks to his great desire for porridge that later "Little Bear porridge" was born. Initially, when looking for porridge on store shelves, I did not find the desired product - natural, without everything "excess", only fruits and vegetables, which are so important in a small child's diet, so, at first, making it at home myself, the idea arose to continue it on a much larger scale and to offer it to other lovers of healthy food.

Our motto "natural is delicious" is the main basic principles of the production of our products

Why choose Little Bear products?

By purchasing organically certified food, you can always be sure that it is produced in accordance with strict legal requirements and is regularly inspected!

"Little Bear Porridge" uses many valuable cereals in its products.

Millet is a good source of group B vitamins and also contains more than 50% of the daily required amount of manganese. It will supply the body with iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, all of which are members of the group of valuable and necessary minerals. Millet must be placed in the range of desirable products in the diet, because it has a high antioxidant content and activity, does not contain gluten.

Amaranth is a rich source of protein, including the amino acid lysine. Compared to other grains, amaranth seeds are rich in iron and calcium and are the only grain that contains vitamin C. On top of all that, it contains lunasin, an anti-inflammatory substance with anti-cancer properties.* Amaranth is gluten-free.

Bare grain barley. Unlike traditional barley, it has a different grain structure. It is quite easy to separate it when churning, the shell needs to be peeled much less, so the healthy layer is not lost during the processing process. This barley is useful for improving health, for example, it lowers cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

It's valuable source of protein buckwheat and oats. They contain 8 essential amino acids.

Buckwheat porridge does not contain gluten and is the least allergenic. The products use unheated or green (live) buckwheat flour and whole grain or bran flour. They are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Buckwheat contains a lot of iron and other valuable vitamins. Buckwheat porridge can also be eaten by children who are prone to diabetes.

Whole grain oats porridge has a softer consistency and is also suitable for cases of intestinal tract and stomach problems. It contains a lot of valuable fatty acids, little starch. The record holders of valuable fats are whole grain oatmeal. Valuable fatty acids have a very positive effect on the nervous system.

It is, of course, an integral part of a healthy child's diet fruits and vegetables, for example, plums contain beta-carotene, vitamins C and B2, sodium, calcium and iron; apple – A, B1 B2, B6, iron, magnesium and calcium. Vitamin B participates in the development of the nervous system and the formation of the nerve protective sheath, B vitamins are an integral part of the child's growth process. They also ensure the formation of red blood cells in the body and strengthen immunity.

Little bear products

  • Developed in cooperation with the Institute of Horticulture;
  • Organically certified (LV-BIO-01);
  • Raw materials are purchased from the best farms and companies in Latvia;
  • the products do not contain added sugar, milk, flavor enhancers or synthetic vitamins;
  • the offer includes products without gluten-containing ingredients;
  • vegan friendly products;
  • fruit/vegetable content in porridge from 2-25% of the total product mass;
  • added coarsely screened, high-quality, mostly whole-grain organic cereals;
  • products are regularly tested in the laboratory;
  • the company carries out fruit/vegetable processing and packaging of the finished product, and their supervision is about 5 times greater than that of adult food.

The project is implemented in cooperation

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